Friday, January 9, 2015

Real Estate Deals to be Had

2015  - A Year for "Deals to be Had"

Happy New Year!  The most asked question I get lately is "how's the market, Jody?"  A loaded question to be sure.  Although, the bottom line is that it looks like a good year coming our way.

2014 was a very productive year in real estate in CT.  Buyers and sellers alike saw some very good deals.  The numbers tell the whole story but those are somewhat technical. Working full time as a realtor in the Beautiful Lower CT River Valley for almost 20 years I can feel that there are some positive changes coming for the area.  Not only did inventory levels even out but bank owned properties were less of a factor in determining market price.  (If you'd like the full statistics please let me know and I'll send them to you.)

As the year begins I am already excited to see some really great deals out there, deals that don't have unrealistic asking prices, deals that are easily financed, deals that will not take months to close.  This is the time to get your feet wet if you'd like to start looking.  And remember whether you are buying or selling looking at houses is important.  It is my job and I take your real estate needs seriously.


1.  It is not a waste of my time, it is only an opportunity to educate you on market prices.
2.  The right time comes sooner than you would think, the more you see the more you know.
3.  If you need to sell first looking at homes, now, will help you understand pricing to sell.
4.  Only serious sellers/buyers are in the market at this time which means negotiations will have results.
5.  Looking now helps narrow down focus and goals to achieve your ultimate goal of a well priced deal.

Get in touch with me if you'd like to talk about upgrading/downsizing and we can begin a plan of action for your real estate needs.

Monday, September 29, 2014

See the Foliage in the Lower CT River Valley

There is no beauty like the Fall Foliage on the Connecticut River as seen by rail. 
Click HERE to find out more about the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat excursions.

Waterfront Home Within Your Reach

If you can pay rent, you can own this home: waterfront, flat yard, huge interior, beautiful deck for relaxing or entertaining. This is a smart buy, not only as an investment but as a welcoming retreat at the end of your workday. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Original Toll House in Haddam... a piece of history available now.

The original Toll House which operated on Walkley Hill Road in Haddam is now for sale.  The red classic shingled home is often admired and has been featured on Historic Home Tours.  This home has been lovingly cared for, preserved and meticulously maintained by the present owners who have been the ambassadors to this historical home for 35 years.  Located on beautiful and highly sought after Walkley Hill Road in the heart of Haddam this home is sure to please those who can appreciate colonial homes and their unique charm and character.  A full cooking fireplace with bee-hive oven is featured prominently in the kitchen.  The 2 acre lot features a post and beam barn in magnificent condition.  There is also a breezy screened in porch for cool summer evenings.  While the house has been preserved in many ways, you'll enjoy modern touches such as granite counters in the kitchens and bathrooms and central air conditioning.

Click here and take a peek at this gem and call to book a personal tour.

This area is a nature lovers paradise.  Walk to the Cockaponsett State Forest, Walk to the Haddam Meadows State Park on the CT River with beach side picnic areas.  Enjoy all the Lower CT River Valley has to offer from this gorgeous rural town.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Dilly Dally

It's beginning to look like a new market.  I won't go as far as say a "seller's market" because it is not.  However, the Realtor Community  in the Lower CT River Valley and the Greater Hartford area has seen a lack of inventory over the last 90 days and this means one thing -

homes priced well are going to MOVE QUICKLY.  

As a buyer you need to be prepared and 
take steps to get the house you want.

Top four things to do to be prepared: Take it from me that after hundreds of negotiations the buyers who had the following four items found greater success in the offer and negotiating process than those who didn't .  They were also more likely to be on the winning side if there were multiple offers. 

1.  Get Pre-Qualified.  I don't mean use an "on line" mortgage calculator.  I mean sit down with a mortgage professional.  There are so many factors that can effect your mortgage approval which you should know ahead of making an offer.  This way you can make an offer with confidence. 

2. Understand Buyer Agency.  As a licensed Realtor I am bound by CT State Law & the  National Association of Realtors' Code of Ethics to represent you in the highest form of Agency agreement.  Expect complete professionalism and ethics as I negotiate on your behalf.

3. Be Tech Ready - Must have a smart phone which you can receive email with PDF's and MLS listings.  Also must have a printer/scanner/ will NOT know the value and importance of these tools until you are about to lose out on the house of your dreams because you don't have instant access to your e-mail or because you can't sign and send back important written agreements with you signature. 

4.  Be Honest - as your Buyer Agent I am bound to keep all conversations and personal information private.  I need to know your thoughts, goals, and above all your objections in order to successfully  negotiate on your behalf. Honesty is the best Policy!

Now lets go look at some houses!!!!

and always remember don't sign a thing until you consult with Jody Lynn, licensed Realtor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep an Eagle Eye - The Lower CT River Valley

The thing I love about living in the Lower CT River Valley is the many activities you can do that revolve around the beauty of the CT River.  I have a new listing on the Scenic Road in Haddam and it is the perfect place to be if you love the CT River.  This classic center chimney colonial is within minutes of a boat launch on the CT River, the  100+ acre CT River Front Park-Haddam Meadows, Eagle Landing State Park and countless other state parks and open space to explore the areas natural beauty.

Check out my new residential listing and call me if you'd like to see the interior and the beautiful park-like setting it adorns in Haddam.  This is one of the best priced homes in Haddam that offer 4 large bedrooms and 2 full bath for less than $300,000.

& in the meantime.....

Take a look at the Eagle Cruise Schedules which will take off from one of the loveliest location along the CT River Valley in the Tylerville Section of Haddam. (Click on the Eagle below)

and always remember don't sign a thing until you consult with Jody Lynn, licensed Realtor.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let the Closings Begin

It's the first closing of 2013!  Isn't this the cutest house you ever saw? It is located in the historic area of Moodus in East Haddam on the Eastern side of the Lower CT River Valley.  After 50 years of the same family enjoying this house thru the generations, it is now occupied by the loveliest young couple with a growing family.

and always remember, don't sign a thing until you consult with Jody Lynn, licensed Realtor.